"The Millennial Trend and Where You Fit In!"

Get It Straight From The Source

Creative Director at BlackFlip

Ryan Freng, Owner and Creative Director at Backflip

Armando Sanchez-Monsivais, Agency President at Midnight Oil Advertising

Instead of going straight to IDK or WTF when you see the specs on your audition script say "millennial", learn why you should't go SMH when it comes to the Millenial Trend in Voice Overs.

Ryan and Armando shared how they see the Millennial trend affecting the advertising landscape today and what that means to those of us who are not in the millennial age range. Together they will help you understand:

  • What are the insider perspectives within the advertising world that will help you book more: What is driving the clients' casting decisions? How they determine which generational sound will sell more? Is it true that the new "authentic" tone is devoid of emotion?
  • How do you fit in as a voice actor: Whether you are a Millennial or not, this trend affects you. Learn in what ways your voice can fit into millennial campaigns. 
  • Understand what clients are asking of advertising agencies today: This is your chance to eavesdrop on the conversations that happen behind the scenes.
  • We'll breakdown what's working in relevant advertising campaigns: Ryan will showcase campaigns that use both Millennial and GenX voices and explain what makes these campaigns successful!
  • The role of Social Media and New Media: How the TL;DR culture is impacting advertising trends. Six second ads are they the wave of the future?
  • The Values and Mindset of Millennials: What's important to this generation and why? Insights on how you can connect with them more authentically.

If you don't know what IDK, WTF, SMH or TL;DR means, this is defintely the webinar for you! 

Your purchase will be the replay of this webinar. The cost of this webinar is only $49 or purchase both webinars for $97. 

Maria Pendolino, Voice Actor

Maria helps you understand why voice actors should care about millennials. She will be teaching us:

  • Understanding the size of the market: Learn about the bigger picture so you can see how you can fit in. 
  • The buying power of this generation: Understand the why behind this marketing trend and why its about the bottom line. 
  • They are potentially the gatekeeper: Don't discount the fact that the person listening to your audition could BE a millennial. They're not used to doing it "the way it's been done" and there's ways you can stand out.
  • They may also be the Creative Director hiring you: More and more advertising agencies are hiring Millennials to oversee their client's campaigns so you must know how to interact successfully with them.
  • The importance of delivering a real & authentic read: It's possible to still be able to add a millennial flavor to your read even IF you are NOT a millennial.
  • Get a chance to practice a "real person" and millennial read: Maria will be bringing scripts for us to examine and dissect. Four randomly selected participants will be able to be directed by Maria at the end of the webinar.

If you’re not understanding or maximizing the Millennial trend in your voiceover business, then this live webinar series is for you.

 The cost of this webinar is only $49 or purchase both webinar replays for $97.