A Masterclass on Business Negotiations

With J. Michael Collins

Get the empowerment you need to succeed at the negotiation table with proven methods from J. Michael Collins and Sophia Cruz

Have you ever agreed to a voiceover job and wondered if you were leaving money on the table? Has a warm lead suddenly turned cold when you started to talk rates? Do you fear losing a job if you charge what you're worth?

The voiceover industry is changing rapidly, and negotiations are increasingly in the hands of talent. Business negotiation is a skill set that can help you earn more without feeling stressed. Join J. Michael Collins and Sophia Cruz as they give you the tools needed to sit down at the negotiation table feeling cool and collected.

Together they will help you:

  • Understand the foundations of Negotiating
  • Have the right mindset from the outset
  • Important factors to consider before coming to the table
  • How to understand rates and use them to your advantage
  • Have a playbook in place before you begin
  • How to keep your cool when things get heated
  •  Know when it’s time to walk away
  • What you can use to leverage the deal in your favor
  • How to make your client feel like they are getting a win
  • How to use payment terms in your favor
  • Provide real life negotiation examples
  •  Live Q&A

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This Masterclass was recorded and the replay is available to purchase.